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Character Wanted: Brooke Evans

Sexuality: Bi

Bio: Brooke is often labeled the scared one for her timid personality. She’s shy, and often a little naive. She is alot like Sam when he first joined glee, minus the geekiness, She’s very self conscious, and nervous about making new friends.

Music is a big part of Brooke’s life. Her parents always sang her to sleep, and her father taught her how to play the guitar when she was younger.

Art is a way to release Brooke’s anger, or sadness or frustration, without snapping at the people she loves.

Being as timid and self conscious as she is, Brooke found it hard to make friends, but she soon met Carly Chang, and the two became fast friends, and have been best friends since they met.

Clubs: Glee. Art. 

Para Sample: Para removed for piracy reasons

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OOC Age: 16

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